Shake 108 is Miami’s only local, non-profit radio station, broadcasting from 107.9 FM in the greater Miami area and online from They have a weekly show ┬ácalled “Local Love” hosted by the wonderful Aimee Beah Moore dedicated to playing music and talking about acts based in South Florida.


The station and host were kind enough to feature the band on July 24 – click here to listen to the podcast – “Sofrito” is played at the 3:27 minute mark, followed by an interview with bassist / vocalist Michael Mut at 14:00 and the premiere of “Cut Me Loose” at 22:57.


They will be back on the show Sunday, August 21, broadcasting live from The Shack North in Hialeah in anticipation of the Tuesday, August 23 single and video release party to be held at Ball & Chain. Be sure to tune in!