Hello, EP fam – it’s been a while since our last update, so please read on to learn more about this exciting new project we’re cooking up.


If lucky and good, there aren’t many things a band around for 11 years doesn’t get to do or see. We were fortunate enough to have been twice been named “Best Latin Band” by the Miami New Times, garnered much local press, been featured on regional and national news media, played countless high profile (and crappy) gigs, joined the music festival circuit, and even tangled with Hurricane Matthew.


There are however, three glaring items on our bucket list: release a full-length collection, issue music on vinyl, and run a successful crowd-funding campaign. We intend to do all three in one shot. Fans interested in receiving official updates from the crowdfunding site Indiegogo should click here – all who sign up will receive an exclusive bonus track once recorded and released.


“I’ve been itching to get back into the studio for a long time now, and this campaign is certainly going to facilitate that,” says Michael Mut, co-founder, bassist and band leader. “It’s only fitting to issue the music on vinyl, as that seems to be the only format that is selling these days. We are really excited about the new material, and are grateful for any support our family, friends and fans can offer. We invite everyone to check out the perks we have available.”


The band will be offering everything from Skype instrument, theory and social media lessons, to autographed drum heads and set lists, to private performances. We’ve even put our longtime friend and producer Ferny Coipel up for the taking – for $150, he’ll drive to your location anywhere in the tri-county area, and make you Cuban coffee while serenading you with the classic Charanga 76 tune “El Café de Hialeah”. In a skirt. The featured perk is the “EP tee & CD package”, which will be available for $40.


The bulk of the new material will is newly-penned and relatively-new tracks, with a couple of hold-overs from previous recording sessions, and plans for a couple of signature cover tunes. In 2016, we issued the Singles Collection, which encapsulated the group’s most recent and noteworthy works. Last year a live version of the relatively new track “Chunk” surfaced on our Soundcloud page.


We will be launching the campaign soon, so please sign up to stay in the know.


Thanks for your love and support always!